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No More Sunday Night Blues

Sunday night blues happy uplifting positive advice

I didn't need to do much investigation, research or in-depth interviews, to determine that Sunday evening is scientifically the least happy time of the week for most people.

During 5 long working-days of willing the weekend to arrive, many people rest high expectations on having the best 2 days ever. Even after a fantastic weekend, the anxiety of the following week will creep into your thoughts Sunday evening.

Its time to get some balance! The Sunday night blues are a state of mind and can be battled with the following techniques:

1) Plan and prepare for the week

Try and reduce the tasks you usually rush on a Monday morning before work - iron your shirt, prepare your lunch or just find your favourite pair of socks ready for a military operation after the shower. Feeling organised and ready for the morning can give a re-assuring sense of calm.

2) Do something fun

This might be stating the obvious, but we are programmed to view Sunday evening as the weekend finished. All of our expectations rely on Friday evening through to Sunday lunch being full of fun-packed activities.

Try staying in Saturday evening and organising an evening out on Sunday. It doesn't have to be a late night, but going to the cinema or bowling will take your mind off the terror of going to work next week. Give it a try - you are allowed!

3) Work up a sweat Exercise releases endorphines - a natural high in your brain. Not only will you feel invigorated, but this natural high will help you sleep come bed time. If you're not keen on getting your running shoes on, then go for a long walk, visit some countryside and get fresh air - swimming is also a great, low impact activity. 4) Avoid drinking alcohol A few glasses of your favourite tipple might seem like a good way to relax, but unlike endorphins, alcohol actually acts more like a depressant. You are also going to feel much worse on Monday morning and maybe actually create a reason to fear the week ahead.

5) Set a new goal or challenge for next week

People are most happy when they are progressing in life. It's the perfect way to distract yourself and focus on something other than Monday morning or the stresses of work. This could be a new fitness regime, dance lessons or learning a new language.

Set a life challenge to complete within a month, and break this down into weekly targets. Write down a plan to keep you on track.

6) Change your thoughts - be positive!

This has got to be the most important one of all. Realise that your Sunday night blues is usually just programmed into your brain. It has become part of our weekly routine and can be taken out with some conscious effort.

Forget about the week ahead.... pretend it's Saturday.... imagine Monday is christmas day! Whatever you need to do, just try changing your predefined negative thoughts.

Choose to be HAPPY and see what happens :)


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